Teatum Jones at London Fashion Weekend Festival


Teatum Jones are truly inspirational, and I’m not just saying that!

IMG_2478The masterminds behind Teatum Jones, a womenswear brand are London based designers Catherine Teatum and Rob Jones who are often referred as ‘method designers’ and take their inspiration from human stories. I had attended their colourful catwalk collection and seminar talk at London Fashion Weekend Festival on 26th February 2017, and trust me it didn’t disappoint.

As the models walked down the catwalk, I was blown away by the simple but striking bold colourful outfits and intricate patterns. You got a sense of strong and confidence about this collection.


It was inspiring to hear their journey from the start (their research process) to the finish (their collection). Their research process is about meeting people, hearing their inspiring stories which is reflected in their choice of bold colours and fabrics. The human stories are not linked to fashion but based around ‘survival’ – people who do not give up.


Their collection at London Fashion Weekend was inspired by Scottish heritage. They visited Scotland and spoke to people to truly understand the heritage which was later reflected in their colour palette.  At London Fashion Week, Teatum and Jones celebrated diversity – they cast two disabled models, in their autumn/winter 17 show called “The Body”. During the talk, Teatum and Jones were inspired when meeting the para athletics community and said that disabled bodied people have the same fashion desires and they cast them like any other model. Their show was not a PR stunt but to integrate a variety of people in the fashion show. Their overall message is ‘we’re all the same.’ I thought this was not only a step forward in the right direction but inspiring.   


The advice they gave to budding fashion designers was to make your collection personable and choose quality over quantity and fundamentally, select stores that understand you. Also, they suggested that you should trust your instincts and be authentic – ‘be real to who you are’

Teatum and Jones push boundaries of fashion, start conversations and inspire you ‘to be you.’

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