It’s okay to be you!

Where it all started…

I’m British Asian and I feel lucky to be part of two cultures. I’m born and bred in London and of Indian descent. I have always associated the Indian culture with colours, whether that’s the holy temples, the Holi festival or fashion itself.  

When I was younger I used to raid my mum’s wardrobe which was filled with bright colourful saris with exquisite patterns. My next couple of posts will go into detail about the Indian culture and its influence but for now I want you to get a sense of where my love for colour all started. 🙂

As I was growing up and experimenting with colourful clothes, I was noticing that my bright colour choices were not mirroring everyone else and I wasn’t blending in. I stuck out like a sore thumb and still do!

I realised it’s okay to be you rather than being something you’re not or imitating someone else. My colourful style may not be everyone’s cup of tea but that’s fine, as I’m staying true to my own style. More importantly wear whatever you like – different is good. It makes you unique.

Even now I sometimes get an odd look from people, other times I receive a few compliments. However, no matter what I always smile back.

Rock your own style!

Why colour?

Colour is everywhere and I get inspired wherever I travel. Colourful clothing does actually brighten up my day (excuse the pun!). I particularly wear a lot of green and yellow. Green is my favourite colour and yellow reminds me of sunshine, for me it’s an uplifting and happy colour. I’m always experimenting with different colours, and mix and matching my clothes. There is no right or wrong way to execute colour blocking fashion. There is always going to be particular fashion and colour trends of the season but the beauty of fashion is that it’s always evolving.

Wearing bright and bold colours shouldn’t be confined to particular seasons such as spring or summer. I wear multiple colours in one outfit all seasons and my colour choices mostly depend on my mood and preference. The brighter the colour the better for me with even a touch of colourful patterns here and there too. Sometimes, I will wear black to separate the colours or if I’m wearing a patterned skirt then I would wear a simple bright top. When assembling colours together, I keep it simple. It’s always good to add little touches as well such as coloured nail polish, bag and lipstick.

See below my slideshow and captions – 

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Happy reading!

Neelam 🙂

One thought on “It’s okay to be you!

  1. I’m indian too and I’m looking forward to hearing how the culture has impacted you fashion wise and in other ways (: I love wedding season, any excuse to find a new outfit!


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