This is me!

A big hello!

Welcome to my colourful fashion blog Shee Wears Colour.

I’m Neelam, a fashion blogger from London. Colour inspires me which is reflected in my colour blocking style. I love to wear vibrant contrasting colours and colourful patterns. Sometimes a little black here and there too. For me style is not about wanting to stand out from the crowd or trying to follow a certain trend. Fashion is about wearing what makes you happy and puts a smile on your face.


A few facts about me:

  1. My favourite colour is green (I have a bright green winter coat, jumper, skirt, trousers, shoes and even my mini is dark green)
  2. I used to watch The Clothes Show religiously when I was younger – I loved the theme tune.
  3. Some of my favourite things are: travel, music, art, milk chocolate, tea and Jared Leto. 🙂

About Shee Wears Colour

You’re probably thinking why ‘Shee’ has a double ‘ee’ – well the word is taken from the first four letters of my surname and adds a personal touch to the name.  A big thank you to my colleague who created the quirky name and the people who take pictures of me – you know who you are! 🙂

I decided to start this fashion blog because I want to inspire people to feel confident in their colour choices, wearing different colours, experimenting with colour and coming out of their comfort zone.

What I love about fashion is that there are no rules – so be you and rock it!

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